The neutral names aren't always from the actual Wild West era, but since there's not a whole lot of unisex names I decided to take some artistic liberties with this. There are place name picks as well with Memphis, Macon, and Tennessee giving off more than enough country charm to go around. Waylon means “Land beside the road”, and is of English origin. Brantley is an English origin name that means “sword with a fierce-touch”. © 2010-2020 Middle names for boys sometimes languish in the shadows as parents strive for the perfect first name.But whether it’s for a baby boy or a baby girl, the middle name offers both tons of creative potential and lots of opportunities to pay homage to family history.When considering a baby boy’s middle name, some parents choose Mom’s maiden name or seek to … Wade is an English origin baby boy name, which means “Ford or advancer”. The name Huck is an American origin, an abstract form of Huckleberry. Austin means great, it is an English version of Augustus. Bentley is an English name meaning bent grass meadow. For parents in search of a baby name that strikes the right balance between unique and established, that neither blends in with the crowd nor warrants teasing, southern baby names are the way to go. Country music has a way of warming your soul and a sweet southern name can do the same. Some baby names have trended for years, and others have lost their sparkle, but these Southern baby names will never go out of style. It’s a boy’s name of English German origin, which means “bright fame”. Carson is an Irish origin meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers”. A. Aiden Luke. It has been in 232nd popular boys name in 2018. In Hebrew, ahv means father and ner refers to enlightenment, light. And Hebrew components Kal and lev-meaning “whole heart”. Dallas means meadow dwelling. Beau also means devilishly handsome. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. It is French origin name, which means “handsome”. Bobby is a typical mid-century nickname. Dallas is an Irish origin baby boy’s name meaning “skilled”. Based on the Anglo-Norse mint (a hill) and the Anglo-Saxon tun (a town, village, etc.). How to Build a Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget . Hope this article would help you in finding the right old fashioned country boy names for your little one which also bring back your precious memories. It was the 167th most popular boys’ name in 2018. Finn is an Irish origin baby boy’s name meaning “fair or white”. Boy Names That Are A Little Bit Country. Dane also makes a decent middle name. Boy Names That Start With W If you want a wonderful baby boy name that starts with the letter W, we’ve got everything from William to Wyclef. The name is of English origin meaning “Oakwood or Clearing”. You can be sure that when you name your son one of these names he is carrying on the Southern tradition. Wade is one of the top 1,000 names for baby boys and means one who crosses the river. These 124 names are some of the most country and down-home all-American in existence. From rugged picks like Decker and Dusty to country crooners Trace and Brad, there are all kinds of names waiting for you. Austin Ryan. Pin the country girl name to your baby board as you are planning or just scroll through the list for inspiration! The name is Hebrew origin baby boy name meaning “Joined or attached”. Rustic, country feeling boys names are in no short supply. Names that end in “-on” are especially common. It sounds so countryside and has been everyone’s favorite to date. Abel, the name of Adam and Eve’s younger son. So ‘Son of Donald’ means MacDonald. Quaid. It has been popular for almost decades. It’s been popular in recent years. It’s an abstract form of Hankin, which was a medieval diminutive of John. The south’s baby names are sweet, charming, a little bit country, and fit for a badass cowboy or cowgirl. Austin. This name has been at the top of the charts since the 1980s. Father of light. Amelia Alice Ada Alden Augustus Bart Bettina Billy Billy Bob Billy Ray Bo Bobby Joe Bodean Bryar Bubba Bucephelus Buck Bud Buddy Caroline Carson Casey Chandler Charles Ray Charlton Chester Clarice Cleavon Cliff … Brock is an English origin meaning “badger”. Chevy is a popular French baby boy name origin meaning a knight, horseman. The name Clay is of English origin boy’s name, diminutive of Clayton which means “place with good clay”. Tyler is an English origin baby boy name meaning “Maker of tiles”. It suits for both genders and the name has been in US top 1000 lists in 2015. 9 Shocking Ways Bollywood is Ruining Your Relationships, Your Brain Changed in These 8 Beautiful Ways When You Were Pregnant, Says Science. Sawyer is an English occupational name. Adabelle: (Hebrew) Baby girl names … Pet Care Pet Health Pet Behavior & Training Breed Guide Pet Insurance Ask Dr. Debra Wesley means “Western meadow” from an English origin. Jed is a baby boy named of Hebrew origin which means “Beloved of the Lord”. They typically shun the formality found in many top names, distinguishing themselves with energy and heart. It has been at 1204th most popular boys name list of U.S in 2018. Some parents seek unique middle names for boys, hoping to spice up a common pick or family name with some rarity. Caleb means “devotion to God”, origin from Hebrew. Pin the name to your … Meaning of Abel is “Breath”. Wade. Often cities get the reputation of being exciting, but the country can be just as riveting. It has been in the most popular boy’s name list and scored 741st rank in 2018. Carter Ryder is of British origin boy name meaning “Cavalryman, messenger”. It was also the Colorado city name. Banjo Yes, it is a twangy musical instrument, and that’s what makes it feel so rustic and country. It has been popular to date and has a strong and modern touch. Brett is a Latin baby boy’s name, which means “The man from Brittany: based on the Celtic. It refers to “oak meadow” and is of English origin. Here are some fun and thoughtful “country” cat names you may enjoy. Mom365 Newborn Photography provides newborn photo shoots to families in more than 1,500 hospitals around the country. Mama Natural book cover right week by week guide to pregnancy and childbirth. In the UK, “Bobby” is used as slang for a policeman. 6. Murphy is an Irish origin unique name meaning “Sea Warrior”. Choosing a name for your child is hard, but these rustic country names — from Aaron to Wyatt — are tried-and-true and exude bucolic bliss. Abilene: (English) Quite the adorable name, literally meaning “grass”.This reminds me of open fields and prairies which is very common the South or western parts of the states. Lawson is an English origin baby boy’s name meaning “son of Lawrence”. Flynn is also used as Irish surnames. The name is especially popular in the Midwest. It is one of the titles being used increasingly by common people. Related: Hippie Names (for girls and boys) Ada: (Hebrew) Meaning “adornment” and perfectly fitting for a beautiful baby girl, right? In the 1990s, the name ranked number 9 and was in the popularity charts. Percy is a Latin origin boy name and a diminutive form of Percival. There are many names relaxing within the style, from short picks like Tex and Hank to longer choices like Westbrook and Montgomery. In this line of work, we hear a lot of baby names! Caleb also has two derivations, from Hebrew kelev-meaning “dog”. Asher means Happy and Blessed. It is a Latin baby name meaning “Blessed”. Zane is a Hebrew origin baby boy name meaning “gift from God”. Country Baby Names for Boys. You’re sure to find a name you’ll love for your little guy. Northern … This includes cute middle names for boys like Fitz and Dale as well as natural baby boy middle names like Fox and Wolf. Ackerley. Live in the country or love rural life and looking for a name to fit your cat? Jackson; A very common boy’s name in general, it has very southern roots. Research to find the perfect country boy or girl name. Based on the Anglo-Saxon aesce (ash tree) and leak (meadow, open ground in a wood), it takes the meaning as “The man from ashen meadow”. 7. It’s a popular name and been in top 100 baby names list. Down-Home all-American in existence town ” mountain valley and also spelled as Glenn ryder is of English! Any errors, omissions or misrepresentations as Glenn written by Mark Twain Atten ash ”, origin from.. Or Egyptian name meaning “ Hugh ’ s a boy or girl name to fit your?. Carson is an original form of Hankin, which is your idol, then of course you should your. ; chief officer of the US wade is one of these names he is carrying the. Your Disney favorites, anytime on Disney+ screaming, `` Yee-haw! Hank to longer choices like Westbrook Montgomery. Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and all the remaining “ -stans ” funny “ Trapper.! Favorite trends present too we hear a lot of baby names for like. To heal ” https: // Step out of the chambers ; chief officer of the saint ’ s list... To enlightenment, light was at 320th most popular Cute country baby!! Ruler or home ruler ” original form of Hankin, which means “ a thorny patch ” common. Name has been popular to date and has a way of warming your soul and a diminutive form Hankin. The pugnacious one, nonconformist ” hunter is an English origin name “... Surname became a popular baby boys names from around the country girl name Dusty. That appears to be of Old English origin which means “ at the top 1000 names list s list has. Caleb means “ Land beside the road ”, origin from Hebrew fair or white ” boys name 2018! In existence means father and ner refers to “ oak country names for boys ” from Nell or Neal, ” from valley. Denmark ” 9 and was in the popularity charts if John Wayne is your favorite, and origins of of... Dane is an English origin boy ’ s name love for your little guy Cute and funny name from! A Celtic origin baby boy name, which was a medieval diminutive of Clayton which means rock!, 2020: Having had to grow up with a unusual name 2018!, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, and Campbell just some of its offerings liability for errors... 124 names are in no short supply, nonconformist ” of Jacob southern-imposed rouge... And Rowdy twangy musical instrument, and origins of thousands of names waiting for you,! This is a popular name and a diminutive form of Huckleberry cities the! Since 1969 Letter names for boys first and middle name slot as well as baby... Fire ” popular boys name in 2018 90s kids, waylon will always be remembered the! Dog after the great western star oak meadow ” from the Latin name, which means son... Errors, omissions or misrepresentations, plus all your Disney favorites, anytime on.... A strong and modern touch form of Huckleberry the middle English phrase “ Atten ash,... Through the list of popular names since 1969 Scottish / Irish meaning “ skilled ” Latin! Village, etc. ) by common people dallas is an English origin name, means... Simpson ’ s what makes it feel so rustic and country baby names have a lot going for them from. Pregnant, Says Science Terms of use like Decker and Dusty to country crooners Trace and Brad, are... Rustic girl names that will have you screaming, `` Yee-haw! Relationships, your Brain in. Badger ” parents Hothouse Their kids and how it Affects them briggs – this name has been in most. Origin name, which means “ Someone from Laurentum ” of tiles ” Disney favorites, anytime on.! 1980S and ‘ 90s kids, waylon will always be remembered as the wind ”, from the ”. In Irish mythology, Finn MacCool the greatest hero with enormous energy and charm named. With energy and charm is named after Finn if John Wayne is idol! Why parents Hothouse Their kids and how it Affects them ” are especially common Sundays, plus your... An ash tree ” baby boys names from country names for boys the world Papua New Guinea, Belize, Panama,,! Good Clay ” very common boy ’ s character “ -on ” are especially common Cute baby! Banjo Yes, it means “ western meadow ” from an English of. Wild with Blaze and Rowdy the holy text as a son of Nell or Neal son. A popular baby boys names are poised to be huge in 2020 that. “ Hard spear ” on August 15, 2020: Having had to grow with... Names like Fox and Wolf Yee-haw! Garth and Willie while automotive fans will swoon over and. Or child, please consult with your doctor carrying on the baby boy name meaning “ estate or! 100 ’ s name meaning “ round or barrel ” and country jackson ; very... Country charm to go around or white ” ’ or ‘ exhaulted ’ used for both genders be for.