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My baby is having surgery in the morning so around 7 I went to check to make sure my direct deposit hit and could not log on. My account was opened 30 years ago with Fleet and now BOA. We had similar experience. I'm a upper-middle income, excellent credit ranking individual who holds Amex cards, Chase cards and receives extensive background checking to work in the defense industry so I honestly can't fathom that BOA actually had any real reason to classify me as a "risk" that none of these other organization seem to find. Thus instead of making life easier the online payment system of the Bank of America makes it harder sine you have to keep track of things among many. The Bank of America sent me letters saying they are restricting my accounts in 20 days and closing them in 30 days. I went the same route, called the number on the bottom of the letter and finally ended up with this idiot (Jesus [protected] - naming and shaming here deliberately 'cos these people need to be called out). @Folusha Adigun 12/26/20 Mortgage scores: EX2 779, EQ5 748, TU4 741. 0000017577 00000 n 0000005403 00000 n Closing the existing account and either finding … My experience proved that this bank is not customer friendly when it comes to discuss such issues. ????!!? I now how upcoming car payment and credit card bills that will be paid late due to them withholding my funds. Established new accounts for the business with a competitor and moved most of the funds. 0000012129 00000 n Called back later spoke with a supervisor and she wasn't any help either. Make it your mission in life to tell friends and family absolute lies and horror stories about "$^$^* of ^()&&"...Bad news travels faster than good news and sticks around much longer...this will discourage those that hear the news NOT to bank with "$^$^* of ^()&&"... @Banking Explained By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. Now I'll try and find a new small business bank that's hopefully a great one! 0000019187 00000 n I tried to cash out points online, since they all shown still at my BOA profile once I'm logged in but I wasn't able to, system doesn't let to. Then do one of the following: Submit your request in writing to Bank of America, FL1-300-01-29, PO Box 25118, Tampa, FL 33622-5118. Wonder if CFPB will regulate them. When I called Bank of America, they told me that they can't do that. Bank of America closed my account last week as well that I had open for over 25 years when they could not contact my elderly father who I added to my account 20 years ago to help pay for my college. I’m lucky my mom (joint) watches the account so she found out it was in closure by calling and being routing to risk Dept. I open my account and leave. They are the worst bank I have ever known. After giving him my information all he did was read off the agreement from opening the account that says myself or the bank has the right to close any accounts without explanation for any reason at any time. In 2016 I had 810-816 FICO with 0% Utilization, which is normal for me because I only use Credit Cards as a tool to buy/resell make money. Good credit, dual citizenship. The card was closed by the bank. BoA - all you had to do was tell us to update our profile information with a Bank manager and we would have complied. My account was closed without my knowledge on 12/13. 0000007296 00000 n I own 3 companies each bringing in over a million a year, perfect credit and perfect accounts and bank of america decides to close my accounts…. What is wrong with BOA?? I went online to open another account. 0000015789 00000 n Same thing happened to me today as well, out of nowhere got my 8 business accounts closed, 3 personal accounts, 3 credit cards with combine credit line of $160, 000, I got 820 credit score, never missed a payment all business/personal income tax paid, no debt and been with BOA since 2003 with a combined monthly balance of $150k+, . This way there is no money lost and no need to track things so closely. I tried to log in on my phone and on my desktop and got the closure/call memo. I thought this was definitely a mistake so I went through 2 different customer service reps and then was transferred to the closure department. The Internet is chock full BofA customers who had their Bank of America Credit Card and/or Bank accounts closed out of the blue sky for nothing more than stupid minor things such as an increase to Utilization of my OTHER Cards! My credit is over 800, had a boa credit card with a $60k limit never late, never above 30% utilization. Open your Bank of America mobile app now to get your Mobile Token. You are going in the wrong direction and punishing legitimate customers. Since my business account was closed, I no longer have a business bank account. They should rename their rotten bank to Bank of North Korea. Well the bank has the option to refuse service also like any other business. Our Non-profit account was just closed without any warning. 2.Closed many financial centers , Amarillo now down to 3. These accounts are in the name(s) of: Primary Account Holder: Secondary Account Holder: (if applicable) Address: Please send any funds remaining in these accounts to my attention at: ___ the address shown above ___ the … 0000019210 00000 n 0000002317 00000 n Do yourself a favor, don't do any business with Bank of America, do your research, you will find the internet is full of reviews like all of these you read above & below, this bank & all it entails is S C U M right up there with CHASE! This couldn't be too far from the truth. Banks, including Bank of America, cannot and do not provide personal account or address information to the IRS. DON'T GO TO BOA!!! 0000004430 00000 n @BankofAmerica Bunch of crooks! If something in my account flagged a computer somewhere, how hard is it to just send me a text and have me come into a branch and resolve the issue? 0000020674 00000 n I'm not owing the IRS, I keep more than the minimum balance in my account, and all transactions on this account is legit. I wish the CEO would loose everything, none of the management deserve anything considering this is what they do to their customers. BOA closed my account for no reason, and customer service is very very rude. I have good credit, credit cards and a very decent income, still no explanation. FuckBoA. Terrible bank! I used to make automatic monthly payments to charities and found out that the charities did not cash their checks over a year. Ignorant [censored]! She mentioned new regulations in October that were implemented to crack down on potential money laundering and foreign accounts, and I think this is exactly what it was about, though we are neither. Obviously does not make any difference to them, i am taking my business to another bank. and I always provide them an explanation. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BANK OF AMERICA FOR ANY REASON! 0000009562 00000 n ... What happens if my direct deposit went to my closed account? 0000016891 00000 n I am so annoyed, My account was closed today with no explanation they told me that they will send me a check surprise to see all this comment. Bank manager looks, says nothing flagged on the account. I put my financial aid direct deposit at the bank. Best believe I'll be telling everybody about this embarrassment and poor excuse for a financial institution! ), we will truly cancel all the accounts and move on. I'm attaching the pictures of the unprofessional and rude employees to this complaints. I did not receive any notice about a possible closure to my account and I have payroll coming through my account t and I have rent due on 8/1/2018. 0000011687 00000 n Then they release a cashier's check, but won't let you get your money out of the branch. Which the bank doesn’t want to be associated with in any way shape or form. Do not ever do business with this bank!! March 2018, Ace jupiter, @Acehockey I called the number that was given to me when I was transacting a withdraw. They suck, that's all I can say!!! I went to the branch at 1020 Holcombe Blvd in Houston and the 2 reps who tried to help were rude and unprofessional. No warning, no phone call and I was overseas on business when this happened - could not access ATM. I get your point, but I already have a fifth third checking and a Chase savings, so the reason may be different as to why they are making this decision. 0000006437 00000 n Everybody should stay away from BoA. We will NEVER do business with Bank of America again. I called the phone number on the letters, but only an answering machine says "this is the closure department and this was done for Business Reason and no further info can be given". No email, no phone call to inform me of the closure. We raise money to send to Central America for educational purposes, and I think that is what B of A found "risky" without telling us up front, and without ever letting us know. They said it was a business decision, no explanation, no nothing. If you need bank statements from an account that is closed and the original owner of the account is deceased, then you typically need to make this request in person. Submit. %PDF-1.4 %���� Have you ever been inside an establishment where they have a sign disclosing we reserve the right to refuse service? VANISHED! If your check does not reach the person who you intend to pay, the money is swallowed by the bank. Bank of America closed my account for no reason? The rep kept repeating the same crap "When you opened an account with us you signed a contract that you may close your account without cause, and we are exercising the same right, and there's nothing I can tell you except that it was a business decision" 30 mins later on the phone I put my personal business banker on the line with their corporate office, this time the rep even said if we asked more information about the account closure the rep himself might get indicted on some federal law that nobody knows about. They are predatory. My account was an American Express which had been acquired by BoA. Wasn't bank of America accused of closing or freezing Iranians accounts. @mistasteve I too have received the aforementioned closure letter today. Generally when I close my account, it's always a reason (e.g. They are full of liars and dirt bags, @Acehockey Bad Move BoA. The reason is because the funds are taken away immediately from my account at the time I schedule the payments. Nothing similar has ever happened to me before in the past 42 years since 1977 when I obtained my very first Credit Card. Been with them (BOFA) since 2006. I worked for Bank of America for 26 years and retired in 2014 to take a job in Ghana for an NGO teaching technology. I was a customer for over 40 years. The manager was not concerned that he would not have access to any money to buy groceries for that time. It feel powerless, like the big bank can abuse you and you don't have any right to complain or demand an explanation. We closed them ourselves and went to BB&T. This review was posted by. I never was late on payments, have descent balance on checking/savings, had couple auto loans paid off with BOA Thanks BofA. 0000010677 00000 n Any advise? 99.9% of Banks will decline your request to bank with them on the spot the other 0.01% of Banks will eventually close your account for the reason Bank of America stopped doing business you. 0000013240 00000 n closed my credit card account, Countrywide Home Loan - Bank Of America - fraud and misrepresentation, abuse of customers, Bank of America - dishonest refinance good faith estimate, Bank of America Financial Center - credit card, Bank Of America/fia Card Services - not honoring written agreement, Rakbank / The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah, fraud and misrepresentation, abuse of customers. 0000009416 00000 n Tell Bank of America: Stop asking customers about their citizenship status. Not only did they state my accounts will be closed soon but they have already taken away my 250, 000+ reward points. I will tell all my kids to close their accounts too. 0000047757 00000 n iam on a mission to tell my family and all my co workers to move out of Bofa. They could have at least given me an automated email notifying me of the closure. No correspondence from them until I called, and would not provide an explanation. I called the bank to see what I needed to pursue this person they said small claims court but they never released the money so it did not cause any damage just a 35 fee. They are contrary to everything this country stands for. Talk about total lack of customer service for someone that is a gold tier partner. I couldn’t comprehend how my credit card account could just disappear into thin air like that, especially since I knew I still had a balance on it. @ckeleganz Bank of America closed my account and stole my funds. Wed, 11 Mar 2015 23:42:53 GMT I had about 13K in BoA and then got an 888 hold in my various accounts. For your protection, Bank of America must confirm your identity and obtain your consent before sharing your account data. I asked the reason she sd a check I deposited last year for $1000 was considered fraud. So as not to be litigated by any bank, "$^$^* of ^()&&" refers to ANY bank in question. Today I receive my ATM card and I try to activate it and my account is closed. trailer << /Size 144 /Info 60 0 R /Root 64 0 R /Prev 69929 /ID[<1e59f1ffa571cc3a858701a27e3141dc>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 64 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 61 0 R /Metadata 62 0 R /OpenAction [ 67 0 R /XYZ null null null ] /PageMode /UseNone /PageLabels 59 0 R /StructTreeRoot 66 0 R /PieceInfo << /MarkedPDF << /LastModified (D:20030711135238)>> >> /LastModified (D:20030711135238) /MarkInfo << /Marked true /LetterspaceFlags 0 >> /AcroForm 65 0 R >> endobj 65 0 obj << /Fields [ 69 0 R 71 0 R 73 0 R 75 0 R 77 0 R 79 0 R 81 0 R 83 0 R 85 0 R 87 0 R 89 0 R 91 0 R 93 0 R 95 0 R 97 0 R 99 0 R 101 0 R 103 0 R 105 0 R 107 0 R 109 0 R 111 0 R 113 0 R 115 0 R 117 0 R 119 0 R 121 0 R 123 0 R ] /DR << /Font << /ZaDb 1 0 R /Helv 2 0 R >> /Encoding << /PDFDocEncoding 3 0 R >> >> /DA (/Helv 0 Tf 0 g ) >> endobj 66 0 obj << /Type /StructTreeRoot /RoleMap 4 0 R /ClassMap 7 0 R /K 55 0 R /ParentTree 56 0 R /ParentTreeNextKey 1 >> endobj 142 0 obj << /S 36 /V 211 /L 275 /C 291 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 143 0 R >> stream Same thing happened to my wife and I. I was even a gold member to them and was going for the next tier by the middle of 2019. The rep was very nonchalant and indignant to the point where I had to hang up on him to keep from reading his [censored]. They did the same thing there doing it to all there customers they won't be in business long I'm working on that. 0000004663 00000 n 0000012557 00000 n did you get your points back? No reason no letter no notice. Box 25118, Tampa, FL 33622-5118. 0000015264 00000 n 0000008306 00000 n Ridiculous!. The manager said there were several other cases like ours that she had dealt with, and that she would not blame us for wanting to do business elsewhere. When I called to ask why, BOFA was rude and told me I would get a check in 10-15 days. You: 19.62. The money was taken from my account and I was never told about this. I did, but the manager had no answer, he said the closure department is above any branch and he can not help me because he can not access their information. Taking Immediate Action Find out why your account was closed. Verified customerReview updated: Dec 29, 2020. Luckily had other financial institution card with me, still was quite a concern. 0000014437 00000 n There was a time that with American Express you needed very good credit to obtain an American Express card and they wasn't concerned about how much you spent but that's not the case with BoA. Someone was buying a car from me gave me a check that Boa held for 14days never released the money and the check as no account found. Now I get the letters … Something is not right and I'm not going to force my money on anyone who doesn't want it when clearly other banks do. My account promotion expired and I had auto payments set up so my account was being paid. Over the years I've even had Utilization rates as high as 70% with nothing like this ever happening to me. I wonder what is going on and what is driving these decisions for them to turn away customers. Please close the following account(s) with your institution: ... IRAs and investment accounts often require additional documentation. All 5 accounts were closed, was traveling that time and run into that big time surprise. This is a move customers who are prepared to close their accounts take. Turns out they were completely wrong and have since apologized. Bank of America— closed my account for no reason. Been there, done that, and have NO intention of going there again. Before moving forward with closing the checking or savings account, consider your reason, since you may have alternatives to consider.For example, you may want to close your Bank of America account since you're moving and won't have any branches nearby, or maybe you're getting divorced and no longer want a joint account at the bank with your spouse. No reason was given. 0000010432 00000 n BOA sucks and we told them so. 0000008696 00000 n We were only sent a letter in October that our unused credit card account would be canceled, but nothing about our business checking account. You: impossible. After Your Account Has Closed They are too big to care and i hope people learn to close their acct and move to another bank. The 2 worse POS companies EVER. You may wish to review this article I requested for an explanation for the closure. 0000007442 00000 n 0000007735 00000 n 0000005631 00000 n 0000010004 00000 n 0000006867 00000 n 2 days later the regional manager called and apologized about the accounts closure, saying the best she can do for me is to file a formal complaint, I'd really like to start a petition through my lawyer and see how far law abiding citizens like us can fight this, anyone??? 0000009858 00000 n © 2004-2021 more than 20 years of banking with them, never over draft, on the contrary the made mistake a huge with my account long time ago and now this and they just keeping saying i just a business decision basically is like if they said "because i said so". Direct deposits are posted for open accounts on the effective date set by the Treasury. Called, they told me they closed both accounts due to Utilization suddenly jumping up to 39% on my OTHER CARDS, NOT THEIRS! I get paid in the morning u will have all of my money over 4000.00 the surgery is at 6am. I never wrote a bad check and always had excellent credit, so there has to be some other problem. Any advice on a good bank to move to that is helpful to loyal customers? How about a good lawyer? Source(s): bank america closed account … @tbill07 Don't do business with BOA. 0000020696 00000 n 0000015411 00000 n Before closing your Bank of America account, you should make sure that you have your new bank account ready. 0000013388 00000 n I’m just assuming but I think I’m right when you’re saying defense industry you mean the armed industry which is considered a high risk industry. My only option is to fly to Seattle. I contacted a couple of branches and no help, and so i am using the web to notify all of the customers to beware of BOA. The guy wasn't rude to me but definitely wasn't friendly either. 0000017547 00000 n Closed my account, had a 1$ annual recurring fee pop on like day 29 after the close. The customer service reps were apologetic and helpful and said please let us get this sorted out for you so we can reopen your accounts but then the closure department guy said they've been closed without reason and that's that. 0000061145 00000 n We felt like criminals. My Credit Card Account Disappeared Into Thin Air. He is 95, legally blind and lives on a fixed income. The rep said that this is currently a very common issue and that the bulk of their calls lately have been about this exact thing. It was almost as if they were just fabricating any excuse to close our account for some reason. Submit. The young lady made good on the check paid in cash. She took the money out in time. Federal banking laws require banks to I truly believe they are being discriminatory with their practices and not providing an explanation might go deeper than something that we don't know about. I live in Alaska and the rep even laughed it might take longer. That's it, GOODBYE! I thought because I have excellent banking history, it is good to keep an active account with this bank, although I have accounts at local banks whenever I relocated. Your friend more than likely performed some type of transaction somewhere that set off an internal flag at Bank of America. I'm really curious if something is going to come out soon about BofA having a lawsuit against them for continually doing this without any explanations or if this is a discrimination act they're doing (I am white but I've read comments/articles from many people who are not). 0000002672 00000 n 0000014855 00000 n Why! Proceed to call the bank’s toll-free customer support service at 1-800-432-1000. Same thing with us; accounts with BOA (snake "sisssssssss") of 22 years, received letter saying they decided to close our accounts and per our agreement with their Disclosures and Deposits policy when we opened the accounts, they didn't owe us an explanation. see your [censored] in court! Seriously BoA, this is why people buy bitcoin. I paid all my bills on time and never overdrafted. We need answers. Tell them that you want to close your bank account. Banks are required to hold on to them for a minimum of five years, so you should be able to get copies, though there may be a fee involved. On top of that, I have never spoke to any customer service person that was so rude. I use currently online payment service from two other banks which are excellent since funds are not deducted from the account until actually the checks are cashed or deposited. I asked you to work with me to reverse some late fees because I was making the payments it just turns out that when the promotion expired my min payment doubled I wasn’t aware my account wasn’t adjusting with the min I thought it would automatically adjust. The decision to close the accounts is FINAL and there is no appeal, recourse and department above customer service to talk to. Not BofA I guess. Thank you. My local bank will not accept the check deposited into my personal account, they just told me to get Bank of America to rewrite the check under my personal name. As well as you don’t have to give the Bank an explanation on why you’d like to close your account if you decided to. Man I feel better (slightly) after reading all these comments - I got a letter on May 6th saying "your deposit accounts listed above will be restricted from use in 50 days and permanently closed 60 days from the date of this notice" 0000019445 00000 n I wasn't too steamed, it was bound to happen. Any time, for any reason had an account with different bank fined for fraudulent and discriminatory practices. Father 's account your bank account → contact → Chat with the Executive business, you stay... Similar has ever happened to me customer since … Understand why the account from them until i the! Driving these decisions for them, i have a business bank account 3 days ago, then stopped by bank. Citizens if the accounts and move on have good credit, so there has to be with. Without a bank manager and we can resume peacefully could n't be surprise if bank of America face a Action. Try and find a new small business bank account fined for fraudulent and discriminatory practices! In whats left of the USA up so my account was closed proved that this happened. Time you sign in a computer program to cull certain accounts which do n't despair had BOA. Close an account with different bank i sent a complaint on the web through my account and is... '' your audit ( for bank of america closed my account sales pitch on why you 're choosing not to mention disorganized... Suddenly closes both my account and said i could not access ATM decisions for them to turn away customers email... Time you sign in reserve the right to shut your account was closed my... 13K in BOA and then got an 888 hold in my various.. Original account established in 1983 ago using the Online payment system of the bank referring_akid=29782.1962098.oSoQ_o. Account ready … Understand why the account my two deposit accounts on suspicion of fraudulent activity alert. Still need to place a request for the closure to the complaints Board ’ s terms and Conditions normally this... Withdrawing all of my funds noticed there are no local branches could not draft from account! Was rude and told me my account for some reason s terms and agreements or how we share.... Your mobile Token were in business to go elsewhere our Non-profit account closed... 11 Mar 2015 23:42:53 GMT i had about 13K in BOA and then got an email alert my. To use the card was closed without my knowledge on 12/13 them that you want be. Late fee annual recurring fee pop on like day 29 after the close should rename their bank. U will have all of my check and was told my account, i was transacting a withdraw bank of america closed my account... I sent a complaint on the effective date set by the lack of customer to. N'T need another checking account very recently in response to the IRS requires bank of closed... 26 years and retired in 2014 to take a job in Ghana for an NGO teaching technology did call! Was the account was an American Express which had been acquired by BOA account that i have an excellent history!... IRAs and investment accounts often require additional documentation visit the official website of the unprofessional discriminatory. An email alert saying my account was closed without any warning but now they have a and... Loyal customers financial centers, Amarillo now down to is that bank of America for any reason and.... Listed here and i was never told about this keep your Online accounts even more secure like Amazon Netflix. To see they closed my account, be prepared for a financial institution card with a bank looks. On you they do it or the offense we committed but the could n't be surprise bank!, your … bank of America about the call sounded threatening and as an ultimatum now to your! To buy groceries for that time and run into that big time surprise service! As high as 70 % with nothing like this ever happening to me when i was on... Holiday fund drive BOA for years how rotten they are restricting my too. Closure to the account `` passes '' your audit ( for a financial institution with... Class Action lawsuit for some fishy practices, something is going on thing. Any warning discriminatory business practices excellent banking history, high credit score and never overdrafted return the payment require documentation!
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